Presenting My Renders


Tomorrow I am presenting my final renders to my client. As well as having them on a CD as Jpeg’s I have also put them on my Blackberry playbook which has a screen resolution of 1024×600. I have rendered out off of my images at this resolution as I thought it would be a great professional way to present my work:

This is a great way to show the work as instead of losing the great quality of a render with a bad print and low quality paper and lets the client see every aspect of the image in full HD.

Client Meeting

Modelling, Post Processing, Research, Texturing, Vray Render

Today I showed my final products to Jarrod on my Playbook and signed the visualisation services delivery. The fact I used my playbook really helped use look around the images in depth and he was really impressed with the final image. I am going to continue working on the Visual after my project and experiment with some watercolour renders and visualise certain landscaping concept for the project. Really content with how the project went and throughly looking forward to visualising all kinds of architecture in the future.

Front Middle Shot-Post

Vray Render

For this image it was a case of correcting the roof texture as there was a error in the texturing but it was a simple task with the clone stamp tool. I applied the OA pass onto of the main render and applied it as a multi pass layer with half opacity.

The edging of the grass went over the drive so I cloned stamped the white colour over the edge of the grass to smooth it out to its correct curvature.

Really happy with the final image here it is:

Rendering out the AO Pass

Post Processing, Research, Vray Render

For Rendering out the AO pass it was a case of rendering out the image without creation textures on the image, The problem I had was that due to the fact the leaves shape was created using an alpha when I took the texture off I got this image:

And when I would apply this image in the photoshop channel it would shade over the shape of the leaves. Instead I upped the Ambient Occlusion and left certain textures on and got a much better image to work with: